Safari Itineraries Application

The Good Safari Guide has been one of Handprint's longest ongoing projects. It now comprises the original site, and also The Safari Awards site which has more info about the awards, from which the finalists are invited to appear in the Good Safari Guide.

A third site is now being built which will enable tour operators to register, and upload tour itineraries. The long term aim is to then tie tour itineraries in to lodges listed on the Good Safari Guide site, for which a database has already been set up and drives the lodge pages on that site, as well as the nominee and finalists lists on the Safari Awards site.

The gallery to the right goes through some of the site's functionality - just click on the first thumbnail and then in the top left or right of each image to go back and forth through the gallery. Each image has a brief note underneath.

Tour itineraries should be going live on the site early in 2013, but you can preview the working layout of a finished itinerary page on the link below:

> Tour Itinerary page preview

Safari Itineraries Application Gallery

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